"Prospect Hill" (Doron's Addition)
City of Hamilton, Ohio

Who was Joseph W. Doron? 
Joseph W. Doron was very active in real estate as a builder and developer in the City of Hamilton.  In 1907 he built the Dorona Flats at High and Sixth Streets and in 1908 he built the Verona apartments at 518 High Street both of which were in the Second Renaissance Revival style and both are listed on the Ohio Historic Inventory.   

In 1889 Joseph married Ellen Susan Shuler who was a daughter of Asa Shuler.  Asa Shuler was one of the founders of the Shuler and Benninghofen Woolen Mills in Hamilton.   Joseph and Ellen were prominent Hamiltonians in social and civic circles.

Their older sons Shuler William and Joseph Jr. were pioneers in very early wireless radio during the Marconi and Lee DeForest era and formed the Doron Brothers Electrical Company around 1915.   In 1922 they set up and operated the first broadcast radio station in the City of Hamilton..... WRK ....  operating from the property on North C Street.   

Their youngest son  John Lawrence was involved in real estate and he built the Doretta Apartments on South Third Street.  The Doretta is another Doron family building listed on the Ohio Historic Inventory.  A May 1986 Hamilton City Planning Department book titled Hamilton, Ohio Its Architecture and History stated "Probably no family has contributed so much to the variety of architecturally interesting properties in Hamilton as the Dorons".  


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